The CriTTer Concierge

Compassionate care for your companions!

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We offer a variety of services. If you do not see the service that you require below, please contact us.

We offer comprehensive services for your pet companions. This includes:

dog-sitting, cat-sitting, pet-sitting, pet care

In-home nursing care (as per your veterinarians instructions) including subcutaneous fluid administration;  giving medications by mouth, injection, or transdermal ear application;  blood glucose testing and insulin injections for diabetic pets; and others to be discussed - just ask! 

In your home pet-sitting including "sleepovers" - this allows your pets to stay in their own home and not have their routines disrupted. Great for multiple-pet households, breeding kennels, anxious dogs, social cats, pets with health issues that need supervision, etc.

Post-surgical stays - when your pet has had surgery and needs TLC at home for a few days while you are at work.  We can come and stay or just drop-in and check on your patient - inspect incisions, take them out for a toilet break, give medications, check bandages, etc. and report to you for your peace of mind. 

If you need someone to take your pet to see the veterinarian for you (if your schedule doesn't allow you the time to get to an appointment) or with you (as a "second set of ears" or to act as your advocate if you feel you need someone to ask questions for you during an emotional appointment, for example).

Daycare visits to let your dog(s) out or take them for a walk midday while you are at work - especially helpful when training a new puppy! We can feed them and give them some one-on-one time too.

Daycare visits for cats - while you are away on vacation, we can stop in as often as you'd like - feed them,  give fresh water,  attend to the litter boxes,  give medications as needed, play with them or give them a cuddle (if they like that sort of thing) and do a security check on your house while we're there to satisfy your insurance requirements.

Want your dog(s) to participate in your wedding service and photos but then need them whisked back home for you?    We can do that - we can even stay with them while you go on your honeymoon!

If you are a hotel or bed and breakfast guest visiting our area, we would be happy to come and take your dog for a walk and a play while you are at a family wedding or sight-seeing where the dog cannot accompany you.

Kennel sitting for dog breeders - going off to a show but need someone to care for the rest of the dogs while you are gone - we are experienced at staying  in your home and caring for multiple dogs.

Thinking about getting a dog? We can help with information about breeds to suit your lifestyle and family.