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Testimonials from our clients:

Lisa at The CriTTer Concierge did an excellent job of looking after my cat, Rusty, while I was away on business. While he was glad to see me when I returned, it was clear that Lisa had given him a lot of attention while she visited. Lisa’s written notes were very thorough and let me know exactly what had been going on with Rusty.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

Mike Sargent, Kemptville, ON


The only sad part about taking a vacation is having to sometimes leave our pets behind. They are part of our family and we are particular about a caregiver's abilities to medicate and monitor 2 senior pets. We have hired the CriTTer Concierge several times now and are planning to do so again soon. Although coming home always involves a few celebratory laps of the living room (by the dog, not us...ok, well, sometimes us too), having a Registered Veterinary Technician like Lisa available to stay with our dynamic duo gives us great peace of mind about the quality of person we are leaving in charge of our home. I would recommend this critter concierge for anyone's pet assistance needs. Thank you Lisa.

Tracy and Mike L.


Lisa provided my 2 cats with excellent service and ensured my husband and I peace of mind while on vacation. One of my cats has diabetes and required twice daily insulin injections, which Lisa expertly provided. Being a Vet Tech we trusted her to take on his care and we're very happy to return home to two happy, healthy cats. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone needing pet care while away. Thank-you Lisa!

Jes Carswell, Kemptville, Ontario


"Lisa, the Critter Concierge, looked after my 6 cats and their companion pug while I visited Vancouver recently. She did an exemplary job and kept them all fed, watered, walked and happy. Even the chickadees and blue jays were looked after. Lisa was in touch with me several times while I was gone to let me know that all was well. I would recommend Lisa and her friendly and dependable service to anyone who really cares about their fur family's well-being while they are away."

Jennifer Charles
Oxford Mills, Ontario


"Our pets are our furbabies, and when we are away from home, we don't trust the care of our furbabies to just anyone!! That is why we are so fortunate to know Lisa from The CriTTer Concierge . She is not just "anyone". As an experienced Registered Veterinary Technician, she has the qualifications and knowledge to ensure that our furry family members are well looked after. But more than this is her wonderful caring nature, and a passion for animals that means she will go the extra mile to tend not only to their physical needs in our absence, but also their emotional needs as well. She will take the time to give them love, attention, and playtime too. She stays in touch with you while you are away to let you know how things are going, and when you return home, there is a written note as well. We highly recommend Lisa and The CriTTer Concierge!!"

Jen and Art Webster

Kemptville, ON


"Lisa was our saviour!! 

Our 8 month old Golden Retriever, Hunter, required emergency exploratory surgery and needed 14 days restricted activity to recover.  Our 3 month old Golden, Riley, had to go back to the Breeder’s to allow for this – thank you Karen McKortel, Glenbern Golden Retrievers & Berner’s – who also recommended Lisa to us for Hunter, the recovering pup. 

I was to be the Maid of Honour at my sister’s wedding but we could not find appropriate care for our recovering big pup.  We could have taken him back to the Vet for boarding but he’d be alone, in a cage, for at least 14 hrs., while they were closed.  That was unacceptable to us – he is our big baby.  I almost had to cancel out of the wedding!!

Lisa came to our rescue!!!  She took Hunter into her own home for 4 days (a 1st), with a fully fenced yard and lovely deck, and took excellent care of him while we were away.  He also had the run of the house and visited with anybody that came over – licked all of them to death!  All Vet’s instructions were followed to a tee, incision cared for, and all medications administered as prescribed....and it was quite the regime!  Pictures of Hunter on her couch (after he gently pushed her off – lol) and daily reports were sent, phone calls taken, as well as a long written report of his care, progress, and antics.  Apparently he loved snuggling in bed with both Lisa and her husband!  He actually did whine/cry as we left the driveway to go home – no lies!!

We could have left Hunter with other dog-sitters but none were as qualified as Lisa.  This gave us comfort in leaving our cherished, recovering pet with her.  We would recommend Lisa, a very caring animal-lover, for any pet care that is required!!!!"

Donna & Deb

Perth, ON


We have had Lisa, from The CriTTer Concierge, come and look after our breeding kennel of Golden Retrievers (and one cat and one Bernese Mountain Dog!) on two occasions now. Both times there were special circumstances, relating to breeding, that required extra attention and Lisa was able to handle this with no problems. She left us a written report of the schedule of care and we texted each other when necessary. All of the animals were well-cared for and we didn’t have to worry at all while we were away for the weekends. We will be using her services again in the future!

Karen McKortel


As a Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder and Dog Show Judge, excellence is something I strive for in our puppies, performance and show dogs. I really appreciate it in the dog care services we use as well and so I’m very happy to have found The Critter Concierge. Lisa has provided our kennel with excellent service over the past year, including caring for a young litter plus several adult dogs while we were away for a Specialty weekend. I did not worry for one second!

It is so reassuring that Lisa is a Registered Veterinary Technician. Her animal care experience and training are excellent, so we know that any issues that might arise will be dealt with in a caring, capable and professional manner.

I highly recommend the services of The Critter Concierge.

Leslie Grant

Gorsebrook Perm. Reg’d

North Gower, ON.


We had Lisa take care of our many foster cats, some with litter box and spraying issues, while we were gone on holidays a few weeks ago.  On our return home, all our cats looked very content and well fed and my home was spotless.   We were left with a comfortable feeling knowing we can travel again and that our ‘kids’ will be well cared for.  She is very professional and extremely qualified and provided detailed notes on her visit with the cats on what went on. I would strongly recommend Lisa and her services to anyone to take care of their furry little ones while they are gone.

Diane Giliauskas


We most heartedly recommend Lisa to provide excellent professional care for your pet. Lisa is a very warm and compassionate person who clearly takes her responsibilities very seriously and ensures that your pet’s routine is followed so as to minimize the stress on your pet in your absence. Our terrier is quite a diva and very attached to her home and her habits to such an extent that we could no longer board her in a kennel since she was becoming physically ill.

Lisa came to the rescue for which we are ever so grateful. While we were on vacation, Lisa emailed us updates and photos of our dog enjoying herself which was very reassuring to us. When we returned from our 2 week vacation, our dog was super happy and healthy and our house was spotless. A few days after we returned home, Lisa dropped by and it was heartwarming to see how over joyed our dog was to see Lisa again which spoke volumes about Lisa’s affinity with pets.

We feel very fortunate that Lisa provides this unique pet care service.

Most appreciatively, Robin and Bill Poley.


The CriTTer Concierge was highly recommended to me by my local vet clinic. I wanted my pets to be able to stay at home and The CriTTer Concierge made that possible. Not only did Lisa attend to our diabetic cat but also to our little doggy and two other cats as well. We were provided with pics and daily updates as well as daily journals on each pet upon our return. It was so nice to come home to happy, content animals. The fees are very reasonable and I would not hesitate one minute in getting The CriTTer Concierge to come back and take care of our fur babies, and we highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to keep their pets in the comfort of their own home.  John and Anne Vanderheyden


Lisa looked after my 3 cats while I was away for a few weeks, and I came back to happy non-stressed kitties. I can't ask for better than that. When I board them, I end up having to take them to vets for all kinds of stress related health issues. Lisa left detailed visit cards that let me know how the kitties were each time she visited them. Very pleased with the services Lisa provided.

Sam Mason